Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Our best is yet to come!

People sometimes talk about living their best life right now. This belief, that we can somehow make the best life possible for ourselves here on earth, has become very popular. But this is only possible if we are going to hell! If hell is a persons future, their greatest life is right now! But if you are going to heaven your greatest life is still to come. For a person outside of Christ, this life is as good as it gets. But if you are in Christ, your pain in this world is the only pain you will ever experience, and your struggles in this world are the only struggles you will ever endure. For the person without Christ, the joys of life in this world will be the nearest they get to heaven. The ungodly are living their best life now, because their future is in hell. But for the Jesus follower, life in this world is as tough as it gets. The troubles we face here are the nearest we will ever get to hell, because our future is in heaven and it is better than any of us can imagine.

Im reminding you your best is yet to come and I say this faithfully from the Word of God. When you are weighed down with the burdens of life, I tell you with confidence it is better to suffer any illness, endure any sorrow, carry any burden, and be in Christ than it is to enjoy any comfort, luxury or pleasure without Him. Whether you feel disoriented, displaced or disconnected, or if you do not feel at home in your own body, I can tell you, you will be more at home in heaven than you have ever been in this life. 
(God, who sits on the throne will spread His tabernacle over them (His people) and shelter and protect them (with His presence) - Revelation 7:15) God is saying to His people you will be at home here nobody will be outside. 

In heaven all weariness will be gone. We will have vibrancy and energy in serving Christ “day and night.” In heaven we will serve God as we always wished we could. (they are standing before the throne of God and they serve Him in worship day and night in his temple - Revelation 7:15) 

In heaven Christ will lead us into ever increasing joy. John tells us in Revelation 7:16 we will hunger nor thirst anymore, the sun will not beat down on us nor any scorching heat. Heaven is more than a wonderful place where we will discover marvelous things. John saw that the great joy of heaven is that Christ Himself will lead His people into ever increasing delight. Christ is the great Shepherd of His people. He feeds them, and that is why they are never hungry. He leads them, and that is why for all eternity, they go on discovering fresh delights. When we get to heaven our knowledge will increase to eternity, our knowledge of God will increase. We will see more of His excellency and the more we see of His excellency the more we love Him and the more we love God the more delight and happiness we have in Him. 

In heaven all our wounds will finally be healed. (God will wipe away every tear from their eyes - Revelation 7:17) Literally, God will wipe tears out of our eyes, as if He were removing not only the tears but also their source. The burdens we have carried will no longer be on our shoulders. The temptations we have battled will no longer be a struggle. The pain we have endured will have passed away. Try to imagine the joy of life in which there are no more sins to confess or temptations to overcome, no more sickness to suffer or pain to endure, no more fears to face or crosses to carry. All of our questions will be answered, all of our doubts resolved, every tear wiped out from our eyes. 

The greatest life of a believer is the life of heaven. It is not right now! God calls us to set our minds on things above. Serving Christ will be your great delight in heaven. Following Christ will lead you to springs of living water in heaven. Christ will wipe away every tear from your eyes in heaven, draw near to him now. Our greatest life is still to come!

Also reading from the book My Time in Heaven by Richard Sigmund.

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